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Stirling Capital Management has numerous data security policies in place to protect the integrity of all data on our servers.

Data Transfer Security
Stirling Capital utilizes a SAS 70 Type II third-party compliant system integrated into our website to securely transfer data files from portfolio owners and debt buyers during the portfolio marketing process. This system enables Stirling Capital to transfer files using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol and 128-bit encryption.

Data Masking
Stirling Capital may mask (redact) certain information from due diligence portfolios, giving buyers enough information to conduct due diligence while restricting certain information.

System Access
Each user on Stirling Capital’s system is issued a unique login and password. Granular access permissions enable users to be given access to information on a need to know basis within each of our buyer and seller organizations.

Disaster Recovery
Client files are backed up onto Stirling Capital’s disaster recovery servers on a continuous basis. In the event of a natural disaster or catastrophic hardware failure at our primary facility, resources from our recovery server can be brought online to minimize business disruptions.

Additional security information is available upon request, including our disaster recovery plan, physical office security and additional data security specifications.

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